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Our mission is to provide eggstra experience to our clients whether we are working on projects or training of their staff. Benefits are enjoyed not only by client's customers, but also by participants of workshops at the end, as they start to cooperate accoss company and adopt the main principle of keeping the customer in mind throughout product development

Eggstra experience



Projects includes services for external and internal (HR) customers as we believe our clients can deliver eggstra experience to their client through positive and motivated employees.

Examples of projects: VSE contract, Provision scheme for telesales, B2B digitalization, Prepaid bonus porgram, E-bill, Employee tariff, Employee parking



We trained employees accross all departments and we always make sure the challenge is real, because it brings better experience for all participants and they know how to use Creative Innovation process (esp. Design Thinking priciples and tools) in their work.

Examples of trained department:
Product management, Customer processes, HR


University Course

Course at University of Economics in Prague focuses on the issue of innovation in HR area using the Design Thinking method as it can be applied to improve corporate culture in every company.

Course: Innovation in HR management

I participated on Design Thinking training together with my whole project management team. It was 2 days full of fantastic insights. We focused on customer needs instead of just on problem solving. And we understood core principals of design thinking on practical topic.

Tomáš and Veronika were incredible guides on our journey to understand what our customers really need. This is must-have training for everyone. 

Zdeněk, Insurance company (full name and company and contact should be provided on request)

A great course that taught us what we need to know, and moreover, we worked on real projects from practice. 

Both lecturers were willing and led the course in an innovative and engaging way. 

Student, participant of the semestral course "Innovation in HR management" at University of Econimics in Prague

Eggstra services

Project Leading

We will lead you through whole ideation phase of innovation project - from understanding of innovation opportunity, definition of needs and generation of ideas to prototyping and testing of final solution. We will also facilitate all workshops.  


We can share our deep experience with Creative Innovation process and with discovering of customer's frustration and needs. And we can also help you with improving of corporate culture to be more cooperative and innovative. 


If you want to start using Design Thinking (part of Creative Innovation process) in your organization, you need to train few ambassadors with deep knowledge of the method and facilitation of workshops. Academy with 10-days intensive training (splitted into 4 weeks)  deliver these skills.


Our 2-days training  is the best way how to spread knowledge of basic Design Thinking principles and tools accross company or deliver them to selected teams (e.g. segment or product managers). We are also able offer you up to 3 hours tasting training sessions.  

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